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Coding is an art, which you can master only if you practise it daily. At Daily Codes, we do the same, we will together practise coding problems daily till 2 months starting from complete basic level


In the world of programmers, the benefits of being in a coders community are immeasurable. Join the Daily Codes community to connect and network with many like-minded peers


You might have been into many competitions where coders compete with others, but this is not a competition, it's a challenge where you compete with yourself to to learn new things and pursue excellence rather than prizes

About Code To Express

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CodeToExpress, founded by Madhav Bahl (TheLeanProgrammer), aims to provide a complete learning platform to anyone who wants to learn coding or development.

C2E is divided into 3 phases,

  1. C2E Connect
  2. C2E Learn
  3. C2E Apply

C2E Connect aims to bring together budding developers/coders and expert coders/developers and for a perfect community learning platform for everyone.
C2E Learn will have various initiatives to make people learn coding.
C2E Apply will be a platform to connect best developers with best job opportunities.

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